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Chatham Area Transit is taking a step toward the future of mobility with Chatham Connects, an initiative to develop a bold new vision for the transit system.

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Why Chatham Connects

The mobility needs of Savannah and the broader region are changing!

  • Chatham and the surrounding counties have been and continue to grow rapidly

  • COVID-19 is changing how we work and commute

  • Advances in technology are creating new opportunities for how we travel

Chatham Connects will respond to changing mobility needs by developing regional mobility strategies, including considering new ways of offering public transportation. The project will advance mobility in Chatham County by designing a modern transit network.

The process will reflect community needs through a process that is inclusive, collaborative, and responsive:

  • Community Engagement – Successful planning processes are collaborative and Chatham Connects will be prepared with extensive public outreach. We plan to engage with the community through interviews, focus groups, pop-up events, community meetings and online/social media outreach.

  • Market Assessment – We dive deep to understand where and how people travel in the region and how public transportation can better align with these markets. Our analysis will consider trends of demographics, employment, travel flows, and current transit ridership.

  • Financial Assessment – Funding and financial resources determine what we can and can’t do. As part of creating our vision, we’ll consider how CAT is funded today and develop opportunities to broaden and expand these resources.

  • Transit Vision – Chatham Connects will work with stakeholders and community members to create a shared vision that reflects regional priorities and opportunities. The vision will include clear goals, objectives, and an evaluation framework based on robust data analysis.

  • Transit Projects and Prioritization – We’ll use the vision and opportunities to identify a list of transit services, investments, and innovations to guide the region’s future.


Chatham Connects has just begun. The year-long process started in August 2022 and will end in July 2023.

How things work now, including strengths and weaknesses.

The region’s vision for the future of public transportation. Includes goals, objectives, and an evaluation framework.

Develop and share projects with the community for feedback and prioritization.

A final set of recommendations based on analysis and community engagement.

Stay Connected!

We want to hear from you! Chatham Connects will have lots of opportunities throughout the project for people who live and work in the Chatham area to be involved. Feel free to:

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  • Email us at hello@chathamconnects.com

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